Keep Your Children Safe at Home This Holiday Season

Keeping your children safe is every parent’s first priority. At Sentry Window Guards, we understand how dangerous a fall from a window can be. In fact, by law in NYC, anyone with children 10 years or under must have window guards on their windows. On average about 5,000 kids fall each year from windows in the U.S. But did you know that approximately six kids per day die from all types of injuries in the home and 3.5 million kids are seen in the emergency department for these types of injuries? Here are 5 tips to help you protect your children in your home and keep them safe this holiday season and all year long:

  1. Pay attention: Parents get busy. We get that. However if you have a young child in the bathtub or around water, please give them your full and undivided attention. Drowning is the leading cause of injury-related death for children ages 1-4.
  1. Check smoke alarms: Check smoke alarm batteries every six months to help reduce the risk of death by home fires. A working smoke alarm can reduce this risk by half.
  1. Practice crib safety: Be sure and keep cribs clear of objects such as stuffed animals, bumpers and blankets. Hundreds of infants die each year due to suffocation or strangulation because of these objects in the crib.
  1. Hide medicines and cleaning products from kids: Make sure and keep all medicines and cleaning products up and away from curious little hands. Don’t leave medications on nightstands or kitchen/bathroom counters if children can reach them. Avoiding storing cleaning products under kitchen sinks unless you install childproof locks.
  1. Install window guards and safety gates: We’ve already mentioned how many kids fall each year in the U.S. from windows. Reduce this risk by installing window guards. We also recommend installing safety gates to keep children from falling down stairs. On average, 93,000 children age 5 and under are seen in the emergency department for stair-related injuries.

At Sentry Window Guards we make it our mission to help keep families safe. While our business is to help prevent falls from windows, we also recognize other types of in-home injuries that affect children. We hope these 5 tips are taken seriously and will help you protect your children from home injuries. For more information regarding our window guard products and our experience and leadership in understanding NYC safety requirements, contact us today!