Avoid These 4 Heat-Related Health Problems

As we officially welcome the summer season this week, we have already experienced temperatures in the 80’s. Health problems caused by too much heat can affect all ages, however children and the elderly are most vulnerable. In adults 50 and older, approximately 200 die each year due to heat-related problems. We know the temperatures will continue to rise, so we urge you to follow our 4 Tips To Keep You Cool and Safe This Summer.

It’s important to recognize when hot weather is making you or a family member sick, and when to seek help. Here are 4 health problems caused by too much heat exposure:


WHAT IT IS: A loss of water in your body. It can be serious if not treated.

WARNING SIGNS: Weakness, headache, muscle cramps, dizziness, confusion, and passing out.

WHAT TO DO: Call your healthcare provider or 911. Meanwhile, drink plenty of water and, if possible a “sports drink”, which contain important salts called “electrolytes.” Among other things, electrolytes play a key role in regulating your heartbeat. Your body loses electrolytes when you’re dehydrated.


WHAT IT IS: A very dangerous rise in your body temperature. It can be deadly.

WARNING SIGNS: A body temperature of 103 or higher; red, hot, and dry skin; a fast pulse; headache; dizziness; nausea or vomiting; confusion; and passing out.

WHAT TO DO: Call 911 immediately. Move to a cool, shady place, take off or loosen heavy clothes. If possible, douse yourself with cool water, or put cloths soaked with cool water on your   wrists, ankles, armpits, and neck to lower your temperature. Try and see if you can safely swallow water or drinks such as Gatorade.

Note: If you are caring for someone else who has heat stroke, only give them water or drinks if they are awake and can swallow.


WHAT IT IS: A serious health problem caused by too much heat and dehydration. If not   treated, it may lead to heat stroke (see above).

WARNING SIGNS: Heavy sweating or no sweating, muscle cramps, tiredness, weakness, paleness, cold or clammy skin, dizziness, headache, nausea or vomiting, fast and weak pulse, fainting.

WHAT TO DO: Without delay, move to a cool, shady place, and drink plenty of cool fluids, such as water or Gatorade. Call 911 without delay if you have high blood pressure or heart problems, or if you don’t feel better quickly after moving to the shade and drinking liquids.


WHAT IT IS: Fainting caused by high temperatures.

WARNING SIGNS: Dizziness or fainting.

WHAT TO DO: Lie down and put your feet up, and drink plenty of water and cool fluids   such as Gatorade.

If you know an older adult that lives alone, take a moment and check on them daily, you may save their life.


At Sentry Window Guards we make it our business to help keep families safe. Now that you know how to spot and treat heat-related health problems, our wish is for you to never experience one! For more information regarding our window guard products and our experience and leadership in understanding NYC safety requirements, contact us today!





3 Tips to Help Prevent Window Fall Accidents

“A nine dollar window guard,” Jason says. “That’s all it would have taken to protect my son. And I didn’t even think about it.”

No parent should have to endure the trauma of having a child fall out of a window. Jason and Becca Cunningham* experienced just that when one of their three-year old sons fell from his second-story bedroom window. Although their son landed on his head on the concrete, suffered a severe traumatic brain injury and temporary paralysis, he did regain his health after intense, long-term therapy. With thousands of window fall accidents involving children in the U.S. each year, many stories don’t turn out with a happy ending. Many children die or sustain life-long injuries.

The Cunninghams did not reside in New York City, where homeowners must have window guards on their windows BY LAW if children 10 years or younger are living in the home. As a matter of fact, window safety wasn’t even on Jason and Becca’s radar as it probably isn’t with many families. Here are a few tips to help keep your home safer and prevent window fall accidents from occurring:

Tip #1 – Install window guards and stops. Properly installed window guards are your best defense in preventing window falls. Window stops are also a good idea to help allow you to enjoy a fresh breeze while ensuring windows won’t open wide enough to invite a fall.

Tip #2 – Open windows from the top and close after use. If you have windows that can open from top and bottom, choose opening the top versus the bottom to prevent falls. Don’t leave opened windows unattended if small children are present.

Tip #3 – Be sure windows are clear of chairs, cribs or other furniture being too close in proximity, especially if you have crawlers or climbers.

At Sentry Window Guards, our business is to keep children safe by preventing window fall accidents from occurring. For more information regarding our window guard products and our experience and leadership in understanding NYC safety requirements, contact us today!


*As a result of their traumatic experience, Jason and Becca became active members of the Stop at 4” Window Fall Prevention campaign in Portland, Oregon. Becca even went on to help educate other parents regarding the importance of window fall prevention with her book titled ‘If Kids Could Float!’

Father Carries 3-Year-Old Boy to Hospital After Child Falls From Second-Floor Window: Police

The father of a 3-year-old boy who fell from a second-floor window of his Westchester County home Wednesday lifted the child from the ground and started carrying him to a nearby hospital on foot before an ambulance caught up with them, police said.

The boy fell from the window of his home on May Street in New Rochelle around 9:45 a.m. while his father was in a different room, authorities said. Police say there was no guard on the window, which is required in all multiple family dwellings with children younger than age 10.

[Click here to read the full story.]

More on this story:

Sentry Window Guards Commentary:
It is unfortunate that some property owners do not realize that a fall from a second story can be as critical as those from higher floors. We strongly recommend proper window guards for all second story window openings.

Installation Instructions for Series 200

Installation instructions for Series 200

Installation instructions for Series 200

» Click to download 200 WIN GUARD PDF

» Click to download Intallation Instructions for 200 WIN GUARD PDF

Childproofing Your Home

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, “about 12 children 10 years old and younger die each year, and more than 4,000 are treated in hospital emergency rooms for window fall-related injuries.”

That makes installing a window gate or guard important. Remember that they should be strong enough to prevent a fall, but also meet the latest standards so that they can be easily opened in case of a fire.

A window guard can be a good idea even if you are on the first floor, so that your child can’t get out of the house through a low, open window.

Remember that you should not depend on a screen to keep your kids from falling out of a window. » Read more here.