New York City Department of Health: Install your Window Guards

We are always eager to spotlight the importance of window guards and this article highlights some great tips and insight into why New Yorkers should be conscious of window guard installation. Please contact us if you would like a free consultation.

Read the article here: NYC Department of Health: Install your Window Guards

3-Year-Old Boy Falls to His Death in Manhattan

Sentry Window Guards is sad to report a fatal fall involving a 3-year-old boy from a 13th story apartment building window last week. By law in NYC, anyone with children 10 years or under must have window guards on all windows. However, if the window guards aren’t properly installed, it’s the same as if you didn’t have them installed at all. When a window guard is properly installed, there is no way possible a 3 year-old could remove it. Unfortunately that was the case in this tragic event and the window guard was found on the ground near the boy’s lifeless body. Read the full story here.

At Sentry Window Guards we make it our mission to help keep families safe. If you don’t have window guards or you aren’t sure your window guards are properly installed, please contact us today. On average about 5,000 kids fall each year from windows in the U.S. Let’s reduce this risk and prevent these types of tragedies by installing window guards properly.

For more information regarding our window guard products and our experience and leadership in understanding NYC safety requirements, contact us today.

Air Conditioners and Window Guards in New York: What you need to know!

You can feel it, the first hints of spring are coming to the Northeast and in no time at all it’ll be summer and hot!  You have small children living in your house or apartment, love the safety of window guards but need to keep your residence cool through the blistering heat of a NYC summer. How can you have the best of both worlds? We’ll tell you!

You should always have at least two ways to exit your home or apartment in the event of a fire or an emergency, typically the front door being one exit and a window, balcony/terrace or fire escape as the second mode of egress. An air conditioning unit placed in a window not used as an emergency exit is perfect. If your window air conditioning unit is permanently installed there should be no risk of a child or adult falling from the window.

Stringent rules for NYCHA residents

NYCHA currently installs window guards in all windows, including those leading to a balcony or terrace at no cost to the resident. Only windows that provide access to fire escapes and windows that serve as a secondary exit in a first-floor apartment are the exceptions to this rule.

If a full set of windows guards aren’t installed in your apartment, please contact the Customer Contact Center at (718) 707-7771 immediately.  Upon receipt of your call, we will install window guards in any windows that do not have them.

According to all NYCHA Lease Agreement’s, residents must cooperate and assist the NYCHA to comply with New York City window guard laws concerning their installation and maintenance.  In addition, the Annual Window Guard Survey must be completed by all residents and occupants.  If according to the completed survey children 10 years old or younger occupy, reside or frequent the residence, window guards must be installed by law and you cannot refuse them.

Residents and occupants who fail to comply may be subject to penalties and/or termination or tenancy.

NYCHA residents using air conditioners in place of window guards

Air conditioners can be an acceptable alternative to window guards if they are properly and permanently installed and cannot be removed seasonally. You must complete a form, have it executed by the Housing Manager or their designee, and notify NYCHA within three days after installation. All air conditioners are to be installed at the tenant’s expense. There are further stipulations as to the exact method of installation, they can be found here:

If at any time during an inspection it is deemed that your air conditioning unit is unsafe and presents a danger to others for any reason, it will be removed immediately and a window guard installed in its place.

Additionally, if you should remove any air conditioner a maintenance worker must be present and scheduled during normal business hours so that they may install window guards immediately after the units removal.

For more information, please follow this link-

The Importance of Window Guards

In 2011 a study was done and it found that approximately 5200 children or 14 kids per day are injured in the U.S. due to falls from windows, and most could be prevented with window guards or safety measures.

From 1990 – 2008 an estimated 98,415 children were treated in hospital emergency rooms for injuries caused by falls from windows. Injuries ranged from cuts and bruises to fatal head injuries, and young children were most at risk for serious injuries.

Researchers say it was the first study to look at the risk factors and injuries associated with children’s falls from windows. The results suggest that many of these injuries could be prevented with window guards or simple steps, such as moving furniture away from windows, installing locks, and placing plant beds or bushes under windows.

Window Fall Risks

Researchers found the following factors were associated with window falls:

  • Boys were more likely than girls to fall out of windows and accounted for 58% of window fall injuries.
  • Falls from windows were more common in spring and summer months.
  • One-fourth of the window fall-related injuries required hospitalization.
  • Children under 5 years were more likely to suffer serious injuries from a window fall and three times more likely to suffer a head injury.

The study also showed that the type of landing surface plays a major role in the severity of head injuries caused by window falls. Children who landed on a hard surface, such as concrete, were twice as likely to suffer head injuries, be hospitalized, or die from their injuries compared with those who landed on cushioned surfaces.

How to Improve Window Safety

The best way to improve safety is to install window guards or locks that prevent the window from opening more than 4 inches. If you rent in New York City, the NYC Health Code requires owners of buildings of 3 or more apartments to provide and properly install approved window guards on all windows in an apartment where a child (or children) 10 years of age or younger reside and in each hallway window.

If you live outside of New York City, cannot afford window guards or reside in a building not covered by the law, consider planting bushes or creating flower beds underneath windows.  These plantings will help cushion the landing surface and reduce the impact of falls from windows for children of all ages.  Another step to increase window safety includes reducing access to windows by moving furniture away from windows.

In New York City, Who Can Request Window Guards?

Anyone in a building covered by the law can request window guards, even if there are no children living with you. For instance:

  • you have friends or family with young children who visit
  • you sometimes babysit for children in your apartment
  • you have grandchildren visiting
  • you have older relatives who might accidentally fall
  • you are a grandparent

If tenants or occupants want window guards for any reason, even if there are no resident children in the covered age category, they should request them in writing and they may not be refused.

Help Getting Window Guards

In New York City, if your landlord refuses to install window guards or if they are not properly installed, call 311.

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