7 New Year’s Resolutions You Can Achieve

Happy New Year New York! 

According to Statistic Brain, almost half of the American population makes New Year’s Resolutions. Unfortunately approximately 8% of that 45% actually achieve resolution success. Instead of shooting for the moon, make realistic resolutions. Here are 7 ideas for New Year’s Resolutions that would add meaning to your life and be attainable:

  1. BE PUNCTUAL – Respect other people’s time and make it a habit to be punctual. Being “fashionably late” isn’t cool, professional or considerate. 
  1. GET YOUR STUDY ON – Whether you have been dreaming of finishing your college degree or you just want to take a few quilting classes at your local arts center, make a commitment. Furthering your education for a larger income or learning more about a beloved hobby will be satisfying no matter what the motive. 
  1. FIT IN FITNESS – If the thought of joining a gym or starting an intense exercise routine overwhelms you, start with baby steps. Park your car further away from your office, take the stairs instead of the elevator, do a few squats while catching up on the local news…you get the idea. Once your body starts to feel better from a little bit of exercise, you might be more motivated to amp up your fitness routine! 
  1. ELIMINATE DEBT – While this may take awhile or even seem impossible, make a plan to pay off debt. No need to explain the feeling of accomplishment you’ll experience when you lose that burden. 
  1. SUPPORT A CAUSE – Think of a cause that is near and dear to your heart and find out how you can contribute. Monetary donations are always welcome; however look at raising funds through walks such as the American Cancer Society Relay for Life Giving back to society and trying to make a difference makes the world a better place to live. And you will feel incredible for helping to support the cause. 
  1. MEANINGFUL FAMILY TIME – Many parents are constantly on the go. Sometimes we may see the constant shuffling of kids to activities and hours spent on homework as a burden. Try and look at these times in a more positive light. Bond with your family when possible and treasure times spent together. 
  1. ADOPT A FURBABY – There is nothing more satisfying than the devotion and loyalty of a pet, especially at the end of a challenging workday. No one loves us more unconditionally than a furbaby! 

We hope one or all of these New Year’s Resolutions resonate with you. Make 2018 a great year and Happy New Year from the team at Sentry Window Guards!